Small-Medium Business

Client: Sub-contractor to OHS Consultancy for Construction Engineering Company in Welshpool

  • Atmospheric monitoring and exposure assessment report over full shift rotations – included welding fumes, PAH, inhalable and respirable dust.
  • Lighting Survey for office and production facilities during daytime and night-time operations.

Client: Business constructing Freeway extensions

  • Conduct compliance audits of sub-contractors to ensure they meet the Project’s Quality Management Plan. The task included site visits to multiple sub-contractors to complete the verification interviews with relevant staff; and to audit supporting documentation.

Client: Small Business manufacturing high end small products in Fremantle

  • Occupational Hygiene Audit of Atmospheric contaminants including solvent vapour exposure
  • Compliance Testing and report writing of extraction efficiencies of fume hood ventilation systems in small epoxy painting workshop.

Client: Medium Business providing bulk Refrigeration Storage in Airport District

  • The tasks included the collection of noise data (dosimetry and static) on-site to determine exposure estimates of all tasks completed inside the cool-room and freezer complex. The project included the development of Hearing Conservation Protection Program.