Client: Multi-national Kimberley-based Diamond Mine

Activities included:

  • Provide Occupational Health and Hygiene advice as requested to contractors, Health and Safety Department Personnel and site employees. A selection of specific topics include: nutrition management, health risk assessments, chemicals management, storage of dangerous goods, noise control in proximity, exposure to acetone and toluene solvents, and completion of risk based assessments.
  • Mentoring, professional career advice and project task instruction to Graduate OHS and OHS Advisors.
  • Development of Dangerous Goods Audit protocols to manage the movement of chemicals to and from site and whilst in use.
  • Noise Survey Reviews of mine facilities.
  • Health Risk Assessments creation for Surface and Underground Mining Operations. Negotiations with Regulators to establish appropriate mandated CONTAM sample plans.
  • Creation of Fibre Management Documents for site activities and contaminated sources.
  • Presentation of Noise Control, Respiratory Protection and Welding Fume Management training sessions.
  • Review of Annual Health Reports and atmospheric sampling results; and creation of monitoring programs for 2013 and 2014.
  • Review Water Management Plans for onsite potable and waste water life cycles.

Client: National Insurance Company for Pilbara-based non-ferrous Mine

Provide noise assessment of specific Similar Exposure Group at remote metals mine. Data used by Audiometric Specialist to determine capability of injured worker to return to normal duties.

Client: Sub-contractor to OHS Consultancy for Multi-national Gold Mine in Great Southern District

Two specific tasks included:

  • Provide a site-based service to complete a Health Risk Assessment of the Gold Room Processing Plant.
  • Reviewing the site-wide usage, storage, placarding, licensed facilities and risk assessments of chemicals at the Gold and Copper mining and processing location. This project included a review of the hazardous substances, dangerous goods and other hazardous materials. All data was risk assessed and the chemical database in use on-site was updated to reflect localised storage facilities.

Client: Multi-national Kimberley-based Lead Mine

  • Occupational Hygiene Audit for Lead Mine Surface Production Processes: chemical, physical and biological hazard assessment for compliance baseline with regulations.