Oil and Gas

Client: Remote Oil and Gas Construction Project (18-months)

Activities included:

  • Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods
    • provide technical advice and specialist lead to Hazardous Materials Database Review Team: consider legacy issues, legislative obligations, operational and implementation issues;
    • implementation process of chemical database to WA locations – data management, training, reviews, auditing and validating database;
    • prepare procedural documentation for Selection and Approval of Hazardous Materials;
    • prepare Hazard Communication Process documentation;
    • prepare Hazardous Materials Approval and Risk Assessment Review Form;
    • risk assessment reviews of requested Hazardous Materials for existing operations and post FID activities;
    • database management of obsolete Inventory and risk assessments (ALARP product selection);
    • instigate review of Dangerous Goods compliance with proposed activities in consideration of existing operations; and
    • development of training packages for Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals to understand how to review an MSDS and approve requests for hazardous materials in their areas.
  • Documentation Review – as requested by fellow OHS specialists of completed process, procedural and guideline documentation. Topics included – Environmental Health, Water Quality, Heat Stress, Product Stewardship etc.
  • Provide Occupational Hygiene advice as requested to remote and local workplaces.
  • Hearing Conservation Awareness Program – development of training packages for site employees and participation in Hearing Conservation Expo.
  • Provide technical support for OHS professionals on asbestos remediation project.

Client: Remote Oil and Gas Construction Project (12-months)

Activties included:

Provide remote advice to onsite OHS specialists on issues including: water quality, asbestos remediation, mould, dangerous goods storage, pesticide treatment protocols, health risk assessment structure and monitoring programs, food handling, noise, lighting, DnA compliance, OH Equipment inventory, calibration and certification. Tasks included:

  • Development of Dangerous Goods Management Plan.
  • Hazardous Materials and Dangerous goods storage requests and reviews for compliance with regulations, risk assessments including HSE.
  • Health Risk Assessment Review and Update for Operating Plant.
  • Provide Occupational Hygiene advice as requested to contractors and employees.
  • EHS reviews of overseas and locally applied pesticide treatment activities and risks posed from residues to plant/machinery arriving at the construction site.
  • Confined space, clearance testing and relevant document control.
  • Establishment of on-site Heat Stress Monitoring Program.
  • Multiple OH topic training packages (duration: from 10 minute toolbox to 2-hour competence).
  • Relief OH on site (5 sets of 5 days) during RnR breaks.
  • On-site Hearing Awareness Program (2 sets of 4 days) expo rotated in canteens, site training sessions, new technologies, fit testing and I-pod awareness.